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AIROPS Movement-Exec (AME) is a management system designed to reduce the administrative workload involved in running an Airport, Handling Agent or FBO. Its easy-to-use, yet powerful functions will improve efficiency, accuracy and speed of the production of charges and the creation of invoices.

Both invoiced and non-invoiced charges can be passed to your accounting system or you can choose to let Movement-Exec handle this for you. The information contained within AIROPS Movement-Exec can be easily transferred into other applications such as word processors, spreadsheets and PDF documents to allow easy dissemination of information through your organisation.

The functions of AIROPS Movement Exec are particularly applicable to 3 main areas of operation:

 logging of movements; application of charges – both automatic and manual; movement statistics.

Management: activity analysis; revenue analysis; sales.

Account: cash and account invoice production; non-movement-related (calendar based) charging; interface with standard accounting systems.

"Operating in over 20 countries"


This is dependent on the number of concurrent users required, the installed modules and any training and consultancy needed. Also there is a choice of capital expenditure or rental payments to suit your business. A detailed quotation tailored to your needs can be provided.


AIROPS Movement-Exec is customised to reflect the way a particular user operates by incorporating the rules that your organisation uses to generate charges. In addition to this, AIROPS Movement-Exec assists with the data entry by

defaulting values based on your rules or on previous movements.

As a result, time is saved and accuracy is increased. Information in the database includes:

  • Operating Hours – opening and closing times for each day; Public Holidays; arrangements for extensions and out-of-hours movements.
  • Charge structure – identification of each element of charge e.g. landing fees, parking, etc.
  • Customer details – full details of customers, account details, VAT information, etc.
  • Charge variation – automatic application of discount or premium to any of the prices charged. These can be applied to a customer, a specific aircraft or an aircraft type or any combination of these.
  • Calendar charges – used for non movement-related charges such as monthly parking, annual landing charges, etc. These charges are applied automatically.
  • Price details -the prices charged for each service or item of goods. Where applicable, charges can be varied according to aircraft weight or group.
  • Aircraft – information on aircraft types including code, weight, fuel, max passengers, engine class. Details of specific aircraft registrations, showing type, weight, operator, owner’s name and address, date of C of A. National aircraft database update services (optional) can be uploaded to keep the database current.
  • Passengers – details of passengers and crew can be stored including date of birth, nationality, passport number, Special Branch clearance.


The accurate logging of movements, the allocation of charges and the production of invoices, either cash or account, are the main functions of AIROPS Movement-Exec. This is achieved through the use of a movements list screen, most elements of which are completed automatically by Movement-Exec.

  • Movements log – movements may be entered as they happen or they may be booked in advance.
    Entry of the aircraft registration or callsign ensures that the relevant information is known – type, weight, operator, accuracy and speed charge basis, home-based, etc. – and is used for automatic charging and invoicing. Automatic checking of arrival/departure sequencing.
  • Applying charges – a simple, single key-stroke task. Charges applied to a movement may be viewed on screen and any additional items such as fuel may be added.
  • Discounts – AIROPS Movement-Exec allows a wide range of discount schemes. Typical examples of discountsare discounts allocated to a client, or aircraft or for sales above a certain quantity.
  • Invoicing – either cash or account invoices can be produced. When an account invoice is produced the user
    will be prompted to apply any applicable Calendar charges (see Database).


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